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      IFTA Reporting

      When it is time for your transport business to unlock new opportunities as one day you might desire to expand the company into either neighboring U.S. state or even further into Canadian province the necessity to consider every motor fuels taxes (e.g., gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gas, compressed natural gas including liquefied natural gas taxes) could surely slow down your business apart from the providing all the essential permits. So, the International Fuel Tax Agreement was made for truckers frequently crossing various district lines on their routes.

      IFTA simplifies accounting as well as payment of fuel taxes as it enables both truck drivers with company owners to handle business using single license with completing a single report that embraces 48 U.S. states and all provinces in Canada (territories are not members). So, with IFTA the trucking companies are relieved of extra paperwork, and it is possible for the commercial motor carriers to be registered in one state and have these tax assessments paid out to all the mentioned areas according to their fair share.

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      DispatchMe's main objective is to provide the best loads on the market for every driver. Our experts ensure that drivers from every region and state receive the top quality and highest-paying loads.

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          I have read and agree to Terms of Service

          Prior to IFTA not only was the mechanism inefficient, but it also resulted in significant extra costs like lost time, fuel burned on getting to permit purchasing centers with all the related fees. IFTA significantly expands the options available to truckers. Due to the benefits delivered with IFTA drivers no longer get to go through time-consuming and confusing application procedures in every district including states and provinces.

          But instead now they can get simplified and comprehensive access to the whole of the continental U.S. and most of Canada which delivers direct control to provide the best service through the large territory. Although the entire procedure is now significantly convenient than it was before, there are certain crucial informed obligations which transportation agencies are not permitted to ignore.

          IFTA boosts productivity and profitability of your company

          Businesses that is running based on IFTA license can continue to purchase fuel as they used to, but they will be “credited” for all the fuel taxes that were previously paid. Companies submit fuel tax reporting to IFTA every fiscal quarter by the end of April, July, October, and January annually. This report contains information on individual vehicle distances, fuel purchases and how much fuel they spent in each IFTA district.

          Each jurisdiction's tax liabilities are calculated using an equation that includes the average fuel mileage. So the company gets the file with the information on the already paid sum of money to each member state or province, as well as whether it owes more or have paid too much. Company’s base jurisdiction (the one where it received its carrier’s license) refunds any overpayments and collects any owed amounts before sending funds to and from the other members with much reliance on quarterly report that the company must submit.

          When IFTA License is needed

          This rule does not apply to all trucks, and almost all of the drivers can easily travel from one state to another and also between provinces without getting any extra licensing or reporting. The IFTA addresses only specific classes of commercial trucks or vehicles made for certain uses.

          The cases when your company can be considered under the Act, and it is a must to submit the IFTA quarterly fuel report:

          • the vehicles are used for transporting people or goods;
          • two- and three-axle vehicles with its actual or registered gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 lbs. (11,797 kgs) or if in association the actual or registered gross vehicle weight is more than 26,000 lbs. (11,797 kgs).

          Failure to submit a trip report, getting late with completing reports for IFTA, or underpayment can result in a penalty equal to the greater of 10% of the amount owed or $50. The sum owed to each member jurisdiction will be subject to interest.


          We generate your IFTA fuel tax report in just a few steps every quarter

          As any tax report system is based on correctly accomplished submissions filling IFTA reports make sure to consider that each jurisdiction determines its own fees. Failure to comply basic rules and regulations might not only cost you money in case you owe fuel taxes in any U.S. state or Canada, but it might harm the company's reputation as well.

          Although nowadays most of the essential papers and reports may be completed and submitted online, it doesn’t take a lot of time to realize for the trucking companies that all of that enormous paperwork takes too much precious time that drivers could spend working and earning money instead of filling out quarterly papers and fuel tax reports.

          So, we not only protect company’s earnings with IFTA service but also save your time and hassle.

          Our duty is to provide complete transparency to you and your clients by ensuring proper submission of your fuel tax. After handling us your IFTA fuel report you will see that running your company was never as easy. And without the need to worry about overpaying on fuel tax regardless the jurisdiction your business operates at, so you’ll find your profits protected all way through the process.

          Our company serves to help trucking businesses to increase their profit by:

          • Ensuring the accuracy of your tax reports, submitting your IFTA fuel tax on time and maintaining your records healthy.
          • Freeing the precious time for companies to focus on the work that earns them profits.
          • Delivering a worthwhile alternative to paperwork and administrative services.

          Most customers appreciate our all-in-one offers including dispatching, paperwork and fuel tax offering our clients the greatest cost-effective alternatives. We value your time and money so let us reduce your costs and optimize your fleets fuel tax reporting as we are absolutely happy to grant you the service you deserve.

          Who can
          work with us

          In short, we save you time so you can start making more money. Many owner-operators start out in this business to haul freight and make money, but later on are faced with all the paperwork, regulatory requirements and negotiations - things that distract you from what DispatchMe enables, takes all the responsibility of maintaining the business you would like to get rid of and makes your business more efficient and you more active with freight. What's more, we strive to offer you the best terms on freight rates so that you can earn more.

          Surprisingly, no. In order to hire competent and capable employees, you will have to organize and conduct a fairly thorough recruiting process, which will take time and, if you turn to headhunters, money. Even if you find someone you need, you'll likely need to allocate office space - which is another expense item - and in some cases, conduct additional training. At the same time, as many of our clients testify, DispatchMe services are much more profitable than even one full-time dispatcher. Our experience, connections and professionalism make us the best in the industry.

          No. You engage a DispatchMe dispatcher on a monthly basis. We never induce you to sign long-term contracts, because we are confident that you will continually cooperate with us without them. Your dissatisfaction is our dissatisfaction, so we will work hard for your business. However, we believe that all entrepreneurs should have the freedom to choose and work with whomever they want. We think it's important to maintain that choice for you.

          Registering with DispatchMe is a simple procedure, as documents can be submitted online.

          - First of all, you sign the terms of cooperation with DispatchMe - a document detailing our duties and area of responsibility. This document serves to protect both parties - it is not a long-term service contract. Our services are paid month-to-month, and you are not charged a penalty for terminating the cooperation.

          - In addition, you need to take out insurance that lists DispatchMe as the certificate holder. This is common industry practice for carriers, dispatchers and brokers - it will allow us to act at your direction and on your behalf as soon as you want us to. Make sure that your insurance includes compensation as well as coverage for damages.

          - We will also need a carrier registration package and references for the shippers and brokers we work with and for our records. This should also include your MC Permit and a signed W9 form.

          - At DispatchMe, we keep our records spotless and accurate and always comply with all safety, regulatory and industry requirements, which is why we also need a copy of the CDL for each driver we will be serving.

          We work with owner-operators who work under their own MC's as well as carriers with company drivers.

          No. Except when you have specifically authorized your insurance agent to review requests for certificates made by the "insured only" - you, we will work with your insurance agent to obtain insurance certificates with information about the certificate holder.

          Sure. We're happy to help truck drivers and carriers in all phases of their work. We strive to find passionate and hardworking drivers. Indeed, if you're a first-time carrier, we may have a harder time finding the best loads for you at first, as most shippers and brokers prefer carriers with MC organizations more than six months or a year old. Nevertheless, you can be sure that DispatchMe will do what it takes to make you good money in your first year. Once you reach the one-year milestone, you'll get access to better rates and loads even faster.

          Yes. Most of our customers like our full service package, which includes dispatch, documentation, compliance and all the help a carrier needs to do business, but we also have customers who just need help with documentation and paperwork, for example. At DispatchMe, we believe that our clients have the right to conduct their business as they see fit. After all, no one knows their business better than they do. Have other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help you grow your trucking business.

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