How to get started with us

Emergence and development of the company DispatchMe

Transport-forwarding company "DispatchMe" was founded in 2015. The company's services included cargo transportation as an "owner-operator hot shot dispatcher". Due to the active development of the company and thanks to our customers, we have reached the level of international freight transportation. Today, the company "DispatchMe" occupies a leading position in international freight transport.

The company's mission: we are created to help you maximally facilitate an owner-operator looking for a dispatcher.

Company values: openness, total dedication to the client, trust, responsibility, efficiency, and working on results.

Our company is actively growing from year to year, improving existing services and adding new ones. Big thanks to all the staff, freight forwarders, and drivers who put a part of themselves into each cargo shipment.

DispatchMe freight dispatcher will help to properly organize the process of cargo transportation. This article will detail the features of how to find owner-operator for dispatcher.

Probably almost every one of us has been in a situation where it is necessary to carry some kind of cargo in the shortest possible time. Naturally, to make such an organization is not very easy, nor resorting to the services of any company for cargo transportation. And here, as never before, very necessary help from a company DispatchMe.

Manager freight, our owner operator dispatcher - is a kind of intermediary between the customer (the owner of the goods) and the carrier (transport company). His main mission is to organize the whole process of transportation of goods quickly and smoothly. This includes not only the relationship between the client and carrier, but also the study of each nuance of delivery, including filling out all the necessary documentation, reporting about the place of loading and unloading of cargo, as well as its specifications. It is also the responsibility of the dispatcher to provide full data on the driver and his vehicle, including the conclusion of the necessary contract for transportation.

The company DispatchMe - Tasks and Functions

Freight dispatcher must be able to match the interests of the shipper and the consignee. Also, a trucking manager in his work must take into account the interests of the road carrier. His task is to find the ideal conditions that suit each party.

Today, the transportation of goods can not do without the services of a dispatcher. Freight manager will help you choose the transport and reliable drivers for cargo or oversized shipments. In addition to all of the aforementioned, additional services include the selection of a suitable special truck, van, trailer or semi-trailer, which will fully meet the needs of the customer. The company DispatchMe will help you find available cargo for trucking companies.

You can order the trucking manager suitable transportation, and the manager will fulfill your order at the time you need. The company DispatchMe will find a suitable trucking company or a good driver to fulfill your order.

Organization of dispatch services for cargo transportation - not easy, but with the right and balanced approach can quickly recoup costs and in the future to bring a steady profit. To begin with, make a coherent detailed plan of your actions and write down all the possible options, in case any of them does not go, so that later you do not waste time looking for new solutions.

What is required to start cooperation with DispatchMe

The first thing any customer, be it a freight forwarder or a freight broker, should do is draw up an owner operator dispatcher contract.

Trucking is the main activity of our company, DispatchMe. And we have something to offer you, so that the fulfillment of your tasks was perfect at a high professional level. Contact our dispatchers right now, and they will provide you with answers to all the information you need.

Step 1

The customer must create and send a request by using this form or by calling: +1 773 649 1774

Step 2

Make sure that all documentation required for this process is available, namely:

  • FMCSA Operating Authority (MC certificate),
  • Form W9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification),
  • Insurance (Certificate with Cargo Liability Policies in which we are listed as the certificate holder).

Step 3

After verifying that the above documents are in place, a shipment agreement must be signed. Which acts as the basis for our provision of services included in the PoA restrictions. In this way, we acquire the right to represent the client company, from his consent, to communicate with different people.

Step 4

At this stage, everything is considered complete and ready to cooperate, therefore, we can start working.