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      Boxtruck Dispatch

      DispatchMe Truck Dispatch Service has been in the trucking business for many years. We know how to deliver your order in the shortest possible time, qualitatively and reliably.

      Our own fleet of trucks and professional freight forwarding department are the main engines of our business. Our resources enable us to provide you with the transport and transportation when others cannot, using our own fleet and extensive network of partners around the world.

      We take a “to do under any conditions” approach, delivering on time and with world-class efficiency.

      Versatility, practicality, and profitability are the main benefits of the box trucking business. You can deliver cargo without downtime. Nevertheless, even in this case, it is important to take into account many nuances. You must be able to find the most profitable cargo, organize logistics, and correctly draw up numerous accompanying documents. Small and medium businesses that specialize in the production of trucks with closed bodies often fail to cope with the tasks set, and as a result, do not receive 100% of the profit. We are ready to offer you an effective and rational solution – finding a dispatcher for a small box truck business. In this way, you can save time and effort on the organization of cargo transportation in vans. DispatchMe is a reliable partner for your business.

      Cooperation with DispatchMe – honest, transparent beneficial

      We know how to find a dispatcher for a box truck. In addition, we know why truckers are afraid of cooperating with delivery services.

      • The first reason is the uncertainty about what product they receive.
      • Sometimes drivers simply fall for the bait of the dispatching company by entering into an unprofitable contract.
      • The third reason is the large amount of additional work provided by the proposed service.

      By contacting DispatchMe, you will protect yourself from various unpleasant situations, because we prescribe and pronounce all the conditions for cooperation.

      Our goals and tasks

      The main goal of our activity is to save your time, money, and efforts and, as a result, increase the profitability of your box truck business. The policy of our service launched back in 2015 is based on the observance of certain rules.

      • The client decides on accepting loads himself.
      • We always evaluate the situation objectively and give our clients truthful information.
      • Box truck dispatcher offers the most advantageous cargos and reasonable prices.
      • The client's task is to deliver loads safely and on time. We will take care of the rest of the functions.

      26ft box truck dispatchers work comprehensively. They send cargoes, draw up documents, including IFTA, and DOT compliance, and take care of the communication with brokers and shippers, setting up the TMS system. However, if you do not need a complex, but want to order any options separately, no problem. We do not force services. We offer only what you need now.

      Professional dispatchers for 26ft box trucks will study the features of your business; develop the most profitable commercial offers for you. We will help make your business even more profitable and productive. We make it easier to scale your van business. Call us right now or fill out the form on the website. Our specialist will advise on any issue.

      The importance of the dispatcher of cargo transportation cannot be overestimated, but only underestimated. Since our specialists have to deal with the organization of smooth interaction with customers who need to transport goods, as well as direct carriers who will deliver to the pre-agreed location. Each experienced trucking company "DispatchMe" always works effectively with clients, as stated in reviews in social networks about the company and there are positive feedbacks from grateful customers.

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