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      Flatbed Dispatch Services

      The scope of flatbed trucks is rapidly expanding. This type of vehicle can be used in situations that other trucks cannot handle. The flatbed truck is capable of performing the most complex tasks, such as transporting scaffolding, bulky frames, beams, and pipelines. With the help of a truck, you can transport tools and materials that are used for the construction of highways, multi-story buildings, etc. Of course, the transportation of oversized cargo requires not only the use of special vehicles, but also the competent organization of logistics.

      It is very difficult to deal with both planning and delivery of goods on your own. In addition, you also need to draw up documents and make sure that legal requirements are met.

      Dispatcher services in DispatchMe

      DispatchMe provides high-quality dispatch services to customers across the US. We care about our reputation, so we value each client. We tell the whole truth about the project, and we calculate all the risks and difficulties of a particular order. Commercial flatbed truck dispatcher NY is a specialist who can organize the most complex delivery at the highest level. He undertakes the following tasks:

      • daily planning of cargo delivery;
      • coordinating the pickup and delivery of orders;
      • customer service, consultation on any issues that may arise in the process of cooperation;
      • solving issues that may happen in the process of transportation (such as shortage, overage damage ect.)
      • control of the work of drivers at all stages from the receipt of cargo to delivery to the final destination;
      • entering data into the CSA system;
      • maintaining records, schedules, and preparation of related documentation.

      The flatbed dispatcher operates in accordance with the rules and regulations of DOT, and FMCSA. Cooperation with our dispatch service will provide your business with obvious benefits.

      Optimization and simplification of business processes

      We take care of the hardest part of your job - scheduling commercial flatbed truck deliveries. At that time, you can be engaged in the implementation of more important strategic tasks for expanding and scaling the business. Our company employs qualified specialists with extensive experience. They assign delivery schedules, taking into account the requirements of the client and drivers. The dispatcher, if necessary, makes any adjustments and additions. Over the years, we have learned to understand drivers. We maintain close communication with drivers for the most efficient and high-quality order fulfillment.

      Collaborate with reliable partners

      Mistakes in planning, missed deadlines, non-compliance with the terms of contracts - we do not allow these and similar mistakes. We understand that not only profit but also the reputation of our client depends on the planning and organization of cargo delivery. We work strictly according to the rules in accordance with the law. You can be sure of the reliability of our dispatching service.

      Flatbed dispatcher fully controls the delivery of the goods. When developing a route, it necessarily takes into account the characteristics of the cargo (dimensions, weight, shape, design features, fragility). Also, his duties include monitoring the process of loading cargo onto the platform, filling out documents, and checking the correctness of payment information.

      Operational and informative reports

      We are ready to provide our clients with full reporting on the organization of cargo delivery. At any time, we can request information - and you will immediately have it. Our experts record all indicators related to service and delivery.

      We promptly answer any questions that may arise in the process of cooperation. We provide our clients with 24/7 support. Our company has developed its own security policy, which we strictly adhere to.

      Rational price for quality services

      Don't want to overpay? But there is no desire to save on quality? In our company, you will find the best deals for your business. We set reasonable rates for services. We are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, and not in receiving a one-time profit. Therefore, we individually approach each client and develop the best commercial offers for each.

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