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    • More than a thousand trucks are available to choose from for cargo transportation
    • You can track each cargo
    • All relevant information is updated around the clock
    • We do not have any hidden commissions, as well as double mediation


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      Dispatching solutions that will be beneficial for brokers and cargo senders

      Our DispatchMe company is famous for its authority in the field of car hauler dispatch, providing excellent services to customers. The staff of professional employees of the company, since 2015, has been offering dispatching services to owners-operators, as well as to the fleet. Our task is to search for cargo, and communicate with customers, including filling out all relevant documentation so that customers have the opportunity to devote their time to more important tasks for them, namely, cargo transportation.

      If you decide to cooperate directly with DispatchMe, then in return you will receive a transparent pricing policy, where there is no place for hidden commissions and payments, in case of termination of the contract for the provision of services car hauler dispatch service. You should not have any doubts about the fact that you are paying exactly the price that is on our price list since we conduct completely open cooperation.

      The DispatchMe team is fully confident that in order to transport various cargoes profitably and successfully, both cargo senders and cargo brokers themselves are required. Our main task is to make this process more profitable and smoother for each of the parties, using the procedures that will be described below.

      What is our support for the shipper and freight brokers?

      Due to the presence of an extensive pool of independent drivers-owners who are always ready to help with the cargo, we provide various advantages for freight brokers and shippers. Every driver at our disposal has passed the approval stage and is ready to meet the needs of any customer. We also have other options for providing car hauler dispatch services to customers of DispatchMe, the list of which includes the following:

      • Complete elimination of double mediation. Firstly, it is illegal, except that the shippers themselves wish to use such services. But despite the illegality of such operations, some companies, without the knowledge of their customers, apply this practice. Secondly, we are a team of independent dispatchers, and such a procedure as double mediation is not included in our services because the very word "independent dispatchers" already speaks for itself. In addition, we are ready to provide each customer with all relevant documents that confirm the transparency of our business.
      • Full guarantee of transparency of the process. Both carriers and freight brokers receive us full transparency of actions, starting with the pricing model and ending with information about each stage of processing your cargo. With each use of our services central dispatch car hauler, dispatchers track routes and preferred carriers in order to ensure the smoothest possible process of mutual cooperation.
      • Round-the-clock updating of all relevant information. The DispatchMe team does not leave any of the customers in limbo, as we provide timely information about each cargo and at every step of the work. Any possible delay or problem will be immediately notified to the client immediately. The staff of our company works around the clock, regardless of weekends and time of day. Thus, you get a full guarantee that cargo tracking and communication will take place around the clock.

      Brokers Benefits

      1. Access to a large pool of reputable carriers
      2. Financially flexible carriers to meet every budget
      3. Transparent pricing model with no hidden fees
      4. Reputable carriers with satisfactory performance records
      5. Regular updates on all loads and immediate communication for any transport issues or delays
      6. Follow no-solicitation guidelines

      Carriers Benefits

      1. Dedicated dispatchers to help match loads
      2. Rate confirmations are sent directly between broker and carrier
      3. No forced dispatch
      4. Advanced confirmation for all rates
      5. Dispatch managers are available to supervise all operations
      6. Access to a network of freight brokers in good standing

      Today, the vast majority of freight brokers and shippers do not have time to independently select freight forwarders for themselves. And in such situations, the offers from DispatchMe are very relevant, because we guarantee successful delivery of various types of cargo in the shortest possible time.

      DispatchMe Company: why it is worth contacting us

      In the process of cooperation with DispatchMe, shippers and brokers will not have to work additionally with intermediaries. In our own car park, there are over a hundred trucks ready to carry out the transportation of its cargo according to any schedule of the customer. Additionally, we provide updates of all relevant information, as well as support around the clock, where each operation is endowed with transparency, cargo is tracked, and communication is operational. After all, DispatchMe operators, in order to save brokers' time, carry out direct contact with carriers. When choosing our company, the client gains a competitive advantage, eliminating various concerns that are caused by the transportation of goods. If you are in search of "dispatch car hauler" services, then contact our team right now to receive offers without obligations, as well as information on all issues of interest to you.

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      DispatchMe job is to provide the best loads in the market for every driver. Our expert team ensures that drivers from any region and state get high-quality and best-paying loads.

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