Mike Downtrees

M&L Transport LLC, MC # 12345

 DispatchMe are amazing guys.

They provide everything you would expect from a dispatch company. They negotiate favorable terms with brokers, call you themselves to offer next day freight, and help with confirming rate revisions to pay for delays and downtime. Very pleased with the cooperation with them.


Jack Jons

Drive Logistics, MC # 123456

Entrusted my company to DispatchMe's management and since then have not needed the services of other dispatchers. Great communications, very good at their job, and they don't slap a percentage on their services. They are far better than the companies that charge crazy amounts of money. Very grateful to them.


Eric Newman

MC # 123456

DispatchMe was a tremendous help to my trucking company by providing a very high level of negotiation.


Nikita Chitkov

Trucking Alliance LLC, MC # 123456

We have been working with DispatchMe for almost a year, and I have only positive impressions. The service of this company is fantastic, I spared myself a lot of time searching for shipments, billing and other tasks. Communication, support, market understanding is top-notch, and the percentage they charge for their services is definitely worth it.