SAFETY / DOT compliance

    • FMCSA/DoT Protocol Requirements
    • Here are the main legislative requirements for this protocol
    • Qualification of a car driver
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      DOT security system: compliance with the requirements

      Compliance with the established safety standards is a prerequisite for high-quality work of the driver. Tracking this process and making adjustments due to changes in legislation require a lot of time.

      For this reason, it is more convenient for the driver to delegate these issues and be sure that all applicable regulations are met. This is important not only for driving safety, but also to eliminate the risk of a fine for violations of the law. DispatchMe offers help prevent compliance breaches and is ready to help achieve these goals.

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      DispatchMe's main objective is to provide the best loads on the market for every driver. Our experts ensure that drivers from every region and state receive the top quality and highest-paying loads.

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          When drivers work in the field of domestic and interstate cargo transportation, driver qualification files are required. These documents contain the following information:

          • driving experience;
          • certificate that road tests have been successfully passed;
          • information about violations in the driving history and change of place of work;
          • request to the state authorities (for 3 years).

          Driver's qualification logs are updated once a year. DoT also obliges to undergo alcohol and drug testing in some cases.

          Requirements for logs of car drivers, truck drivers according to Truck LED /ELogs protocols

          FMCSA requirements were introduced in 2019. They apply to ELD trucks. The carrier's responsibilities include tracking the working period using the electronic recording device ELD.

          Also, the driver is obliged to analyze the reports once a month in order to correct the existing shortcomings. It is important to do this correctly, since if these protocols are violated, the driver may have difficulties with auditors and inspectors. Our company offers ensure business compliance.

          Other requirements

          The driver is required to pass IFTA and IRP audits. It is often difficult to meet all the requirements. In this case, DispatchMe specialists will help.

          Advantages of DOT Compliance Service

          It is necessary to comply with DOT compliance in order to form a good reputation and ensure safety during driving. This option provides the following advantages:

          1. Competent management of electronic logs by the driver.
          2. Protection of the received profit.
          3. Elimination of the risk of receiving a fine.
          4. Business development with maximum comfort.

          When working with a professional DOT SAFETY supplier, you can solve any tasks: from scaling your business to increasing your fleet.

          DispatchMe assistance in meeting compliance requirements

          Our company has extensive experience in providing assistance to drivers and operators. We provide the following types of services:

          1. Work with driver's qualification files, including their creation and support. The formed electronic system makes it possible for reliable stable tracking of car drivers' files. At the same time, the driver does not need to waste his time on this work.
          2. Working with ELD journals. The company DispatchMe performs actions with modern reminder and transfer systems. These systems make it possible to guarantee compliance with the existing requirements of the created reports on analysis, monitoring and final conclusion.
          3. The company's specialists identify various violations in the work. Verification of the existing falsified records in the logs is performed. If they are detected, the driver has the opportunity to correct incorrect information. Thus, it is possible to avoid punishment for falsification.
          4. Assistance in conducting an audit. DispatchMe helps drivers and operators prepare for and carry out an audit.
          5. Paperwork for DoT.

          Our company carries out the necessary analysis of documentation, as well as audit at the request of the client. Mileage or safety check, IFTA, IRP are offered as services. These and other parameters are included in the category considered by the FMCSA/DoT system. Assistance is also provided with the CAP or with the preparation of a response after an audit.

          DispatchMe Company provides consultations on all issues related to the DoT/FM CSA regulation system. You will be able to get information on the requirements.

          DispatchMe Compliance Solutions: Your Advantages

          The main principle by which the DispatchMe company operates is to help truck drivers and cargo transportation operators in obtaining the opportunity to increase their income and increase the amount of free time.

          The driver no longer needs to do paperwork and check reports for compliance.

          The services provided have a positive effect on the emotional state of our clients. With our help, you will always comply with the laws. Your business will begin to meet all the established requirements.

          Contact us today and we will help you solve all your problems. Compliance with safety regulations will be available to you in full. You will get an opportunity to achieve high profitability of your business. We provide DoT safety compliance services.

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          work with us

          In short, we save you time so you can start making more money. Many owner-operators start out in this business to haul freight and make money, but later on are faced with all the paperwork, regulatory requirements and negotiations - things that distract you from what DispatchMe enables, takes all the responsibility of maintaining the business you would like to get rid of and makes your business more efficient and you more active with freight. What's more, we strive to offer you the best terms on freight rates so that you can earn more.

          Surprisingly, no. In order to hire competent and capable employees, you will have to organize and conduct a fairly thorough recruiting process, which will take time and, if you turn to headhunters, money. Even if you find someone you need, you'll likely need to allocate office space - which is another expense item - and in some cases, conduct additional training. At the same time, as many of our clients testify, DispatchMe services are much more profitable than even one full-time dispatcher. Our experience, connections and professionalism make us the best in the industry.

          No. You engage a DispatchMe dispatcher on a monthly basis. We never induce you to sign long-term contracts, because we are confident that you will continually cooperate with us without them. Your dissatisfaction is our dissatisfaction, so we will work hard for your business. However, we believe that all entrepreneurs should have the freedom to choose and work with whomever they want. We think it's important to maintain that choice for you.

          Registering with DispatchMe is a simple procedure, as documents can be submitted online.

          - First of all, you sign the terms of cooperation with DispatchMe - a document detailing our duties and area of responsibility. This document serves to protect both parties - it is not a long-term service contract. Our services are paid month-to-month, and you are not charged a penalty for terminating the cooperation.

          - In addition, you need to take out insurance that lists DispatchMe as the certificate holder. This is common industry practice for carriers, dispatchers and brokers - it will allow us to act at your direction and on your behalf as soon as you want us to. Make sure that your insurance includes compensation as well as coverage for damages.

          - We will also need a carrier registration package and references for the shippers and brokers we work with and for our records. This should also include your MC Permit and a signed W9 form.

          - At DispatchMe, we keep our records spotless and accurate and always comply with all safety, regulatory and industry requirements, which is why we also need a copy of the CDL for each driver we will be serving.

          We work with owner-operators who work under their own MC's as well as carriers with company drivers.

          No. Except when you have specifically authorized your insurance agent to review requests for certificates made by the "insured only" - you, we will work with your insurance agent to obtain insurance certificates with information about the certificate holder.

          Sure. We're happy to help truck drivers and carriers in all phases of their work. We strive to find passionate and hardworking drivers. Indeed, if you're a first-time carrier, we may have a harder time finding the best loads for you at first, as most shippers and brokers prefer carriers with MC organizations more than six months or a year old. Nevertheless, you can be sure that DispatchMe will do what it takes to make you good money in your first year. Once you reach the one-year milestone, you'll get access to better rates and loads even faster.

          Yes. Most of our customers like our full service package, which includes dispatch, documentation, compliance and all the help a carrier needs to do business, but we also have customers who just need help with documentation and paperwork, for example. At DispatchMe, we believe that our clients have the right to conduct their business as they see fit. After all, no one knows their business better than they do. Have other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help you grow your trucking business.

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