What is Process Service Dispatch

Getting cargo from point A to point B isn`t easy. It takes a lot of time, financial resources, and most importantly, not only the customer and seller take part in the process. In addition to the recipient and shipper, the broker, carrier and dispatcher take part in the process. But let’s talk in more detail about the process of service dispatch. What is this job? What duties does the dispatcher carry out?

What is a service dispatch for truckers?

A dispatcher of this company is an intermediary between the customer (cargo owner) and the carrier (transport company), whose responsibility is to properly organize the entire process of cargo transportation.

What is Process Service Dispatch

The specialist does not only bring the customer and the carrier together, but also find out all the nuances of cargo deliver:

  • fill out all the necessary documents for transportation,
  • inform the carrier of the place of loading and unloading, 
  • determine the type of the cargo and the method of loading and unloading. 

Therefore, a dispatcher is obliged to provide the customer with full information about the vehicle and its driver, as well as conclude a contract of carriage.

A dispatcher for truckers is often also called a logistician or forwarder. This person does very useful work, and therefore takes appropriate payment for it.

How does a service dispatch work?

The dispatch service company can search for suitable loads for cars both in the country and abroad. As a rule, a company that has been organized for a long time already has permanent carriers. If the company is new, then this search is carried out using various websites:

  • dispatcher negotiate with customer;
  • he agrees on loading on a specific car from a specific city to another;
  • then he gives a customer all the information about the car and the career;
  • he sends a loading confirmation to the owner of the machine and the owner of the cargo.

Finally, the work of the dispatcher is considered completed after the cargo has safely reached its destination. Then he receives his percentage of the completed transaction.

What does a dispatcher use during operation?

Truck routing and scheduling software. It will help to create the correct route for the delivery of goods.

Fleet management. It will help the dispatcher to ensure that the cargo arrives safely.

What is Process Service Dispatch

Truck locator. With this application, the dispatcher will find carriers faster.

Share directions tool. This program will look for the best route so that the driver can quickly and without incident get to their destination.

Trip locator. With this application, the dispatcher can follow the trips in real time. GPS tracking software can help dispatchers identify all current trips. It ensures that the dispatcher is more informed. Also it helps to choose a best career.

How is the dispatcher`s day going?

The dispatcher’s working day, as a rule, starts at 9 a.m. At this time, customers begin to post their cargo on the Internet. The specialist calls the careers, finds out if they can work today and if they need to look for a load. If the answer is yes, the controller starts the search, which can last in different ways. You can quickly find a suitable download, or you can sit all day, and the result is zero.

There may also be various emergency situations that the dispatcher will have to deal with. For example, a car breaks down or a customer refuses to load at the last minute, or a car arrives at the loading point, but no one loads it, and so on. The dispatcher must understand what is happening and solve the problem in such a way as to satisfy the requests of all parties – the shipper and the customer (and don`t forget about his own).