What is dry van dispatcher

World marketing is developing in the world at a rapid pace. In this regard, the role of logistics in the transportation of goods is increasing. This trend is also characteristic of the United States. Business tries to deliver goods to their destinations in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, it is necessary to choose the best ways to transport goods and dispatchers who can ensure the fast and safe movement of goods. On the roads of the United States of America, the vast majority of goods are delivered by dry vans.

What is a dry van

What is dry van dispatcher

This means of transport has a reliable box-shaped body. Its design allows you to protect goods from external influences, regardless of climatic conditions. The length of the trawler van reaches 53 meters. It can take a load weighing up to 45,000 pounds.

What cargoes are delivered by dry wagons

The dimensions of the container allow you to place 26 pallets. Dry trailers are ideal for transporting bulk materials and products packed in boxes. Transport is used to deliver goods of daily consumption. Large enterprises use dry trailers constantly to restore their stocks. 

Without the risk of spoiling the cargo, this type of transport deliver consumer goods. These include:

  • cleaning and cosmetic products:
  • hygiene products;
  • electrical goods;
  • some types of clothing;
  • stationery.

Vans are also used to transport furniture, replacement parts, office equipment, food with a long shelf life.

What goods are not suitable for vans

Trailers have certain dimensions and cannot be changed. Naturally, they will not be able to place large-sized equipment. The maximum weight of the cargo in the carrier shall not exceed 45,000 pounds. The width of the car and the height of the ceilings also have their limits. 

Dry wagons are closed on all sides. Loading can only be carried out from the rear. If the size or shape of the goods does not allow you to load them from behind, you will not be able to transport them.

Products for which it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime cannot be transported by dry vans. For such products there are special refrigerators.

What is the cost of transportation

The main value of trailers lies in their accessibility and versatility. This type of transport is suitable for the delivering of most goods. Prices for the transportation of cargo by vans depend on those that have developed at the moment. But most often they are lower than for transportation by other models of trucks.

The value of this parameter is influenced by another factor: dry trailers cost the logistic company much cheaper than refrigerators or other special means equipped for the transportation of goods.

Why do we need a dispatcher

What is dry van dispatcher

A good result of the work is possible only if it is performed by a qualified specialist. The dispatcher professionally performs the duties of an intermediary between customers, drivers and brokers. This is an important component of the company’s work on the transportation of goods on dry trailers. 

Dispatchers find the shortest routes for the delivery of goods. They will worry about the preparation of all the documentation. Dispatchers track the entire process from start to finish.

Tariffs for services are usually only 5% or even lower. Nevertheless, dispatchers will provide you:

  • quick product search;
  • the best rates for transportation;
  • configuration of packages;
  • calculation of hours.

You will receive comprehensive information about everything that happened on the road. The task of dispatching services is to ensure the client safe delivery of goods for adequate money.