How to Choose the Best Dispatch Service

One of the most basic issues faced by the owners of trucking companies is the choice of a dispatcher. Someone decides to perform the task of searching for freight on their own. But working with a dispatch service will provide more benefits and advantages.

We’ve broken down the main points of choosing a good dispatch service. Read the following list to make the right decision.

  1. Comparing offers

Before you make a choice in favor of a particular dispatch service company, it is worth considering several offers in the market. You can take 2-3 dispatch firms as a basis. Compare prices, experience, qualifications, reviews, reputation. You can search for online reviews. You should not accept the services of the first company you come across.

  1. Decide what you need from the dispatching service

It’s important to be clear about what tasks the dispatch service will do for you. Do you need a whole team of dispatchers, or will one or two employees be enough?

Basically, the dispatcher is required to perform the following tasks:

– Searching for cargo, communicating with brokers.

– Manage the work of the drivers.

– Work with documents.

– Managing delays and dealing with various issues that may arise during the movement of goods.

So if you have difficulties with one of these tasks, you should definitely apply for quality dispatching services.

Certainly, the services of dispatchers will take a portion of your income. But at the same time, a lot of the important tasks will be taken care of by the dispatcher. Delegation of duties – an important part of a thriving business.

  1. The level of service of the dispatching service

The main option of the dispatch service is to improve the level of communication. So at the stage when you get to know the dispatch company, ask clarifying questions, pay attention to how quickly you get answers and how easy the communication process is. Quality dispatch services should improve the level of customer service.

  1. Inquire about additional costs

Generally, dispatch fees are a percentage of the value of the shipment. However, sometimes the fine print may indicate additional fees. This is worth keeping in mind.

Sometimes (this applies to private dispatchers) they may ask for quick payments or an upfront payment. Make sure the payment terms match your company’s financial system.

Dispatching services are designed to improve the logistics of a trucking company and help improve the efficiency of deliveries. By applying for such services, you can greatly facilitate the process of finding goods, their distribution to drivers, record keeping and much more. Focusing on the following tips you will be able to choose the best option of dispatching services.