How to Start Dispatch Service for Truckers

Nowadays the sphere of cargo transportation is quite a profitable niche. So a lot of students who finish dispatcher training want to join the trucking industry. Some become operations managers, fleet maintenance officers and logistics. Other brokerage clerks local and highway dispatchers.

But if you are ready:

  • to take the responsibility?
  • to be creative and purposeful?
  • to create your own work schedule?

If you answered “yes” then you can try to start your own truck dispatcher business.  And how to take part and to start a dispatch service for truckers?

Firstly, you should understand what dispatchers do.

How to Start Dispatch Service for Truckers

The responsibilities of the dispatcher may include different work. But the only thing that every specialist should do is to take full responsibility for the delivery of the cargo. Let’s take a look at the rest of the work:

  • you can search and assign vehicles or workers to clients;
  • you can find individual loads to match them with trucks that have enough space;
  • you can provide additional services, such as checking the creditworthiness of suppliers and negotiating freight rates.

How to start a dispatch service for truckers?

No matter what anyone says, dispatch services in the field of cargo transportation are a kind of auto business that can be run without leaving home. This type of activity has its pros and cons. But the most important thing is that you can start your own business without large financial investment. 

Each start will be different, as we all have different opportunities, abilities and experience behind us. But we`ll consider the situation when a person hasn`t been involved in dispatching before and has a superficial knowledge about it.

What will we need to get started? First of all, you need to monitor the situation with cargo transportation in your own region. Namely, which transport companies operate, what enterprises and warehouse terminals there are, and how many dispatch companies operate within the city or region. It is important to understand this in order to assess the scope of activities and determine the strategy for developing a niche and developing a client base.

The next step is to decide whether we will work from home or rent an office. Of course, it is more profitable to work at home, but it is so only at the beginning. As experienced businessmen say, a small company cannot have large turnovers. So providing dispatch services at home is a temporary measure that should give you the necessary experience and guidance for further activities.

What is the salary of an aspiring dispatcher for truckers?

The income of the dispatcher depends entirely on his experience and agility.

How to Start Dispatch Service for Truckers

The most important question that worries most beginners is how much a trucking dispatcher earns. It all depends on your agility and skill. There are enough nuances in this business. The format of knowledge with which a dispatcher gets with experience, and with experience comes good earnings.

As a rule, the dispatcher operates with figures from 5 to 20% of the transaction. Of course, you need to rank where you need to lay 5%, and where 20%. It all depends on your customer and the amount of the transaction. According to the laws of economics, the higher the amount of the order, the lower the percentage, because it is more than covered by the live money supply. Naturally, at first it is necessary to offer customers favorable conditions for them, even if the deal doesn`t promise you extraordinary profits. But at the initial stage, it is important to be patient and work on the client, so that over time he will already work for you.

Keep in mind!

The dispatcher receives only a percentage of the total amount, but he`s responsible for the entire amount.