How to Get Into Truck Dispatch Service?

The rapidly developing field of logistics contributes to the emergence of new companies specializing in transportation. Although the competition in this business is quite high, the demand is so great that even a novice dispatcher, broker or carrier will find a job for himself. But let’s talk about the controller. We will learn how to get into truck dispatch service and what skills and education are needed for this profession.

What is the responsibility of a truck dispatcher?

On the one hand, the main task of such an employee is to find senders of cargo and organize their delivery in the most profitable way for the client (customer). And on the other hand, the dispatcher must control the full load of the transport of the company planning the transportation of cargo. In other words, the essence of the work of the dispatcher is to “satisfy” both carriers and customers. And at the same time receive the most profitable percentage of monetary rewards for themselves. How to Get Into Truck Dispatch Service?

Also responsibility of a truck dispatcher includes the following:

  • to study of the schedule of movement of freight transport;
  • to search for those wishing to carry out cargo transportation;
  • to give the formation of the most favorable offer for them;
  • to communicate with the driver of the vehicle;
  • to take part in the resolution of disputes.

It is clear that in the work of a dispatcher for truck, not only professional training is important, but also high personal qualities. For example, business acumen, activity, sociability, punctuality and the ability to enlist customer support. An analytical mindset is also important. After all, the dispatcher collects important information about the transportation and cannot miss any details.

What are the requirements for the truck dispatcher?

Among them:

  • higher education (preferably in the transport sector);
  • knowledge of the features of transportation of goods by different types of vehicles;
  • experience with transit transportation;
  • understanding the essence of tariff formulas and the formation of the cost of transportation;
  • the ability to effectively offer services to customers;
  • sociability and activity;
  • clear diction;
  • knowledge of the foreign language (desirable).How to Get Into Truck Dispatch Service?

To build a career in the field of road transport, it is desirable to have a professional education. Training programs for dispatchers are widely presented at specialized courses. And in order to be able to hold leadership positions in the future. It is necessary to have a higher education in a specialized specialty.

The dispatcher’s job is to constantly use the computer. Therefore, it is important to be able to use the following software:

  • Excel and Word tools;
  • relevant messengers for communication with customers and drivers;
  • Reporting software;
  • browsers;
  • programs for creating routes for the movement of freight transport.

Is certification required to be a truck dispatcher?

The work of the dispatcher does not require certification or any license. But a huge plus for a dispatcher will be if he has more than three years of experience. Such candidates will be more in demand. 

However, the demand for specialists is very high, so there will also be an opportunity for those who are just starting to get to know the world of transportation. Employers may also consider applications from candidates with experience in the transportation industry (courier or customer service worker).