How to find owner-operator for dispatcher

The owner-operator faces a difficult task: to find a dispatcher for the search and maintenance of cargo transportation or to do it by himself. If the driver-operator decides to take on all the work of delivering the goods, he will have to combine two difficult duties:

  1. Delivery of goods to the destination sitting behind the wheel of a truck.
  2. Draw up documents, negotiate with the shipper.

Such a load on the body does not pass without a trace and can lead to deep stress. Before choosing one of the options, the owner of the vehicle should adequately assess his capabilities.

How to find owner-operator for dispatcher

When choosing an independent method of transportation, you should answer the question: will I be able to cope with such a load. Often, such arrogance leads to sad consequences.

If you choose a dispatch service, you will have to share your income from the delivery of the goods. But you will calmly drive a vehicle, get the opportunity to rest when you get tired. All other problems are solved by the dispatcher. 

Many owners-operators consider cooperation with dispatchers to be profitable and convenient. Even experienced carriers, who are pretty tired of double work come to this opinion, and are ready to share part of their income with dispatchers. 

Dispatcher services for owner-operators

These specialists manage cargo instead of owner-operators. Their responsibilities may depend on the people who hire them. The work of the dispatcher is multifaceted and complex. It includes:

  • determining the location of the goods;
  • work with a broker;
  • route adjustment;
  • conducting negotiations;
  • track drivers’ hours.

Dispatchers are often confused with brokers who can legally represent the interests of the shipper and carrier. The dispatcher works only on behalf of the carrier.

How to Find a Dispatcher Driver-Operator

Dispatchers are always on the lookout for goods to transport. They use the same search methods that carriers resort to:

  • cargo boards;
  • personal connections;
  • emails.

To inspire confidence in the operator, the dispatcher needs to provide his resume. In it, the specialist should indicate his strengths:

  • what is included in the scope of responsibilities;
  • what achievements it has: specify specific figures;
  • education and qualifications;
  • completion of courses;
  • what languages he speaks;
  • specify the most important skills.

Owner-operators are interested in the fast delivery of goods at an acceptable price for them. Therefore, they pay attention to the following qualities of the freight forwarder:

  • ability to negotiate, knowledge of marketing, the ability to defend the interests of the client;
  • responsible attitude to business;
  • good diction and skills of communication with the driver;
  • positive customer feedback.

The most important criterion for choosing the dispatchers consider the rating of the truck in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Advantages and disadvantages of working with a dispatcher

How to find owner-operator for dispatcherThere are many owner-operators who cope with the delivery of goods on their own. These are specialists of a wide profile, who have gained rich experience in transportation. They understand all the nuances associated with cargo delivering.

Do not forget about the individual characteristics of people. Drivers-operators who perform flights on their own are people who are able to solve several problems at the same time. In addition, they are able to withstand great nervous and physical stress. 

Many operators still choose the delivery of goods with the help of dispatchers. This work has its advantages and disadvantages for the operator:


  1. The driver performs only direct duties.
  2. The operator can afford to rest more.
  3. Few physical and nervous overloads.


  1. You have to share income with the dispatcher.

The cost of dispatcher services plays an important role in the choice of one or another method of cargo transportation.