How to find a dispatcher for a box truck

The box-shaped truck bears several more names. It is also called a cubic or straight track. A distinctive feature of the trawl is that it is separated from the cabin. Usually the truck opens from the rear, but there are models with side doors. The doors can be hinged or rolled.

Not to say that this type of transport is very popular now in the United States. In this, they are inferior to full-size vans. However, box trucks cannot be discounted. They often find application in furniture and some other companies.

Types of trucks

How to find a dispatcher for a box truck

At first glance, all trailers are similar to each other. But this is only an external similarity. Depending on the design of the cabin, they are divided into two types:

  1. Ordinary.

In this truck, the engine is located in front of the driver’s steering wheel. The nose of the trawl is very different from this part of other machines.

  1. Engine under the cab.

The front of the car is flat.

Depending on the capacity of the truck, there are also 2 types of trucks:

  1. Medium capacity.
  2. Light trucks of small capacity.

By size, trucks ranging in size from 10 to 26 feet are the most popular. They correspond to classes 3 to 7. The capacity of trucks is from 12,500 to 33,000 pounds.

Box trucks are very similar to dry trailers, but there is a difference between them. Dry trailers are solid and have doors only at the back. Cubic trawls are divided into two parts from the inside to accommodate different loads. Some models have doors both at the back and on the side.

Dry vans are larger and less manoeuvrable. Such means of transport cost transport companies more money.

They also have a common property: both types of transport protect products from external influences and cannot be used to transport products that require a constant air temperature.

What the dispatcher does

The cargo carrier has to take into account many factors in order to profitably carry out the delivery of goods. Many experienced companies have managed to solve this problem. They attract qualified dispatchers to work, whom they know well. 

It is more difficult for novice entrepreneurs who have not mastered the logistics market. They still hope to solve all the problems on their own. In addition, they have no connections in business. 

There are many candidates for the job of a dispatcher, but who to choose? An entrepreneur faces a difficult task. The dispatcher must provide a full range of services in order to deliver the goods to the destination safely and at the low cost. His responsibilities include:

  • search for the optimal vehicle taking into account the requirements of the customer;
  • creation of an effective connection between the carrier and the owner of the goods;
  • tracking of cargo from the beginning of loading to the destination;
  • establishment of relations with several customers in cases of delivery of groupage cargoes;
  • preparation of the necessary documents.

Having a specialist who can effectively solve all these problems is a great success for the company. Many enterprises try to attract good dispatchers to constant work.

How to find a dispatcherHow to find a dispatcher for a box truck

Not all companies benefit from having full-time dispatchers. Finding them on the side is not difficult. It’s harder to make the right choice.

The Internet is the most popular way to find logistics specialists. You don’t have to talk to every candidate there. Each dispatcher uploads his resume to the Internet. It will tell a lot about the future client:

  • education;
  • knowledge of their duties;
  • past achievements;
  • basic work skills;
  • how many years he has been working as a dispatcher;
  • what are the recommendations;
  • with whom he cooperates.

Choosing online can sometimes be wrong. It is safer to use your connections with friends, relatives, who often had to use the services of dispatchers. Look for reliable specialists in popular print publications.