Customer Experience in Logistics

The basis of a profitable business is loyal customers. A good customer base that is really satisfied with the quality of services will work in the company’s favor as well as advertising in social networks. That is why it is important to interact with clients in a high-quality way. How should you do it and what should you pay attention to in the first place?

Informing the client

The client should receive information on the transportation of goods:

Promptly. Especially if the situation with the shipment has changed and there is any news.

Regularly. You can inform the customer about the progress of the shipment at approximately the same time. This gives a sense of security that everything is going according to plan.

– Truthful. It is better not to hide from the customer, for example, that the shipment can be delivered with some delay.

Giving the choice

The client should have the right to choose. The task of the manager to accurately describe the situation, to present several options for solutions, indicate the pros and cons of each of them.

But the final decision should be made by the customer, having analyzed all the information provided to him. And the more options the client has to choose from, the more balanced decision he can make. The user gets the feeling that it is here where their individual wishes are listened to.

If the client does not know what to choose and asks for help from a specialist, then he or she can point to the most correct option.

Show Professionalism

Customers are more disposed to a person who evokes the impression of an experienced professional. This gives confidence that the cargo delivery process will go smoothly.

Therefore, it is important to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge to the client:

– Accurate interaction with suppliers.

– Understanding of the nuances of procurement, warehouse logistics.

– Knowledge of the different types of transportation.

– Orientation in modern technology, software that is necessary for the work.

New client prospecting

Regular customers are certainly good, but not very reliable. After all, if these clients leave for any reason, the business may be at risk. Therefore, in addition to working with the existing customer base, logisticians need to look for new users.

To start with – a well-developed advertising strategy that demonstrates the benefits of your service. Accurate work with refusals and doubts. It is important to properly eliminate them with competence and experience.

You need to understand that not all customers can be large. Even mid- to small-sized partners can become a regular and add to the sustainability of your business.

Working effectively and professionally with customers is one of the foundations of logistics. A logistics manager needs to give the customer complete information, provide choices, and demonstrate the company’s high level of service. At the same time, actively work on expanding the client base.